Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 18: Monkey

Remember when we had orangutan, and I was like, "This would be so much easier if it were just a monkey?" Yeah, I was wrong. Do you know how many different kinds of monkeys there are? My favorite is Curious George, but I figured plagiarism was discouraged, so I picked my favorite real monkey, Agatha the tamarin. Not to be confused with tamarind, which is a tree/bean/flavor.

Agatha is yelling at us in this picture because she's pretty much always yelling because she is ill-tempered. She doesn't like when people try to pet her, when it's windy outside, when her beans touch her peas, or when people use the word "irregardless." She also hates reality shows on television, thunderstorms, pleated pants and getting groomed. The only things she likes are chocolate, which she's not allowed to have, and when other monkeys fall out of the tree.


  1. A) Tamarind is so yummy! Now I'm gonna want to order some Taste Good Noodles from Snail on 55th. Thanks a lot!

    B) Have you noticed that your characters seem to have a lot in common with you? Like each one shares characteristics with one of your personalities.

  2. A) You're welcome!
    B) I have no idea what you're talking about.

  3. Well, not while you are this personality, but wait until the next one comes forward. She'll know just what I'm talking about.