Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 13: Sea Lion

I don't actually know the difference between a seal and a sea lion, and no amount of Google image search could really help me, and I looked at the Wikipedia articles and was like "I ain't reading all that," so I didn't, but here is Len anyway.

Len's full name is Leonardo Da Vinci Jones, but he goes by Len, because he's unpretentious like that. He lives in California, and he likes watching the surfers and the sunbathers and sometimes he yells out to them, but they can't understand him because he only speaks Sea Lion. Still, he shares their ice cream cones, and his favorite flavor is pistachio. You might not be able to tell, because I suck at drawing backgrounds, but he's enjoying a beautiful sunset on the dunes, and he's saving up for a dune buggy, which he will ride around to all of his favorite beaches and maybe sell bottles of water or icey pops to make extra money, but mostly to get to hang out with the people at the beach. Len is also a surprisingly good singer and he thinks that he could sell more icey pops if he makes up some songs about them, so he working on that this summer, along with growing a mustache.

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