Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 11: Whales and a vocabulary lesson

Today's word of the day: symbiotic! As in, whales and remora (remoras? remorai?) have a symbiotic relationship. Don't you love it when the example sentence doesn't help you at all? Maybe a picture will assist us:

This is Lurleen the Baleen Whale and her best friend, Jeremy the remora. Jeremy attaches himself to Lurleen and lets Lurleen carry him around sometimes. Technically, that's called a "phoresic" relationship, but Lurleen and Jeremy are closer than that, because sometimes he gets her milkshakes from McDonald's and sometimes she scratches his fins for him and in a lot of ways they are very close and would probably get married if they were from the same religion, but they are not, and Lurleen's parents are very strict. Lurleen is in school for information technology, and in a year or so she hopes she can move out on her own and she wants a loft-style apartment where she can float around with really high ceilings.

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