Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 9: Lions are Bada$$

Do you like how I used the dollar signs to protect your delicate sensibilities? You're welcome.

This young man's name is Kevin, but he likes to be called K-Dog, because he thinks he's tough. He loves his tattoos ("They're tribal!"), so he keeps his arms shaved all the time to show them off. He also put red streaks in his hair with Manic Panic, and his mom is totally pissed about it, but he doesn't live in her den anymore, so she can't do anything about it. He has always gotten compliments on his blue eyes, but it makes him wonder if maybe he's adopted, or half husky or something, because lions don't usually have blue eyes. He likes to listen to Andrew W.K., Odd Future, and Beyonce, because she's hot, and his favorite dessert is a chocolate souffle if it's done well and otherwise Oreo cookies.

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  1. Look at those guns! :D
    The smirk on his face is a nice touch.

  2. Thanks! The smirk didn't turn out quite the way I wanted, so I'm glad you liked it!