Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 20: Beaver (again?)

Some people might be unhappy if they had to draw the same animal twice for this challenge, due to their own stupidity. Me, I'm happy to have the chance to do better this time. Except for the crappy cowboy hat, I'm pretty satisfied.

This is Barry, he's Ellen's American cousin, hence the cowboy hat, which doesn't fit him and is falling off, but he really wanted to wear it in this picture so that Ellen wouldn't forget what Americans look like. He also wanted to wear blue jeans, but he has an unusual body type and couldn't find any that fit him right. Part of the reason he is so concerned with proving that he's American is that he has actually moved to Canada, where the weather is more beaver-friendly. He has become one of those annoying people that point out that Canada is in North America too, so Canadians are also Americans, and completely ignores the fact that the United States of America has it right in the name, so kind of has more of a right to the "American" title. Besides proving that he's American, Barry likes silk neckties, birch bark (the candy, not the actual bark), hot tubs and Crest White Strips (TM).

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