Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 7: Sheep is singular AND plural! and Day 8: HEDGEHOG!

Since I'll be in the car for the next two days, here are your Daily Animal Doodles early!

Day 7
Somehow I thought one sheep would be too easy for what I've taken this challenge to be this month, and a herd of sheep would be more fun:

These little dudes are still waiting to be sheared, and wondering why Emelda got taken care of two days ago already and they're still laying around in a big heap, too heavy to move. They are pretty happy anyway, though, because they got dyed last week, because at this farm they dye the sheep and then shear them, instead of dying the wool or the yarn or the cloth. It's very revolutionary, and it makes the sheep happy, because everybody likes to be colorful and pretty. Their names are Jim, Jack, Jerome, Kallie, Karen, Krista, Bobby, Bobbie, Belinda and Kostoglotov (he's the one that's upside down).

Day 8
The hedgehog is one of my favorite animals, and not only because one of my best friends is a Hedgehog.

Her name is Lisa, and she is fiercely loyal, dangerously smart, and looks smashing in a tutu (probably). She knows all kinds of things about sociology, and can use words like "cultural capital" and "structural functionalism" in a sentence, without even sounding like a total asshole. She has smart opinions about important things, and if you cross her she'll scratch your eyes out with those little sharp claws, but if you're respectful she'll give you a little nuzzle. She likes home improvement projects, Isabel Allende novels, helping others and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

If you like these, don't forget to go over to Paper Sparrow and Flickr!


  1. These are so great!! I love your flock of sheep (even crazy Kostoglotov!).

  2. Damn, that Hedgehog is mighty sexy! Would it be pervy and narcissistic of me to want to snuggle with her?

    I totally want to float around in the cloud of sheep there. It looks really delightfully cozy!

  3. Victoria: Thanks! I think Kostoglotov is my favorite!

    Hedgehog: Is it pervy that I was thinking of you while drawing the hedgehog?

  4. If the Hedgehog was wearing or doing something sexy then I would say yes, but since this beautiful Hedgehog looks like a classy lady I think you are in the clear.

    I forgot to mention that I was of course wearing the hedgehig necklace you gave me the day you posted this! Saweeet!