Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 28: Otter

I went for a river otter with this one, because they have them at the Minnesota Zoo and when I was a kid they were my second favorite only behind monkeys.

This is Paula, and she does not live in the zoo, though she has friends who do. She lives on the banks of the Mississippi river, way up by its head in Lake Itaska, and her favorite thing to do is to run to the top of a hill, fill her mouth with dish soap, surf down into the river and then come up blowing bubbles. That's what she's doing right here. She also likes eating sunfish, but only if they are breaded and fried, because she's trying to build up her layer of fat for next winter already. On weekends she plays in an Uno league with other otters, in which she is the reigning champion, and works at a pizzeria busing tables for extra cash. She is saving up to go back to school to be a chiropractor, specializing in marine mammal adjustments.

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