Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 17: Platypus-ish

One of my very favorite characters from Mr. Rogers when I was little was the duck-billed platypus family, so I was disappointed to find out that I can't draw one to save my life. I can't draw a beaver either, but Ellen really wanted her 15 minutes of fame.

Ellen is a beaver, but she lives in Australia among the platypus (platypi?) and wears a duck bill mask a lot of the time because she is self conscious about her tiny nose. The platypuses that she knows are actually very kind about it (they are well known for being an accepting species), but she just feels more comfortable with the mask, even though it makes it hard for her to eat. Ellen introduced her platypus friends to the beaver lodge, and they liked it so much that she makes her living chewing down trees and building lodges for them. In her free time she is in a band, in which she plays the clarinet, because percussion was already taken by a very talented platypus. Sometimes she misses North America, because television shows and movies take so long to get to Australia that she can hardly talk to her friends back home for fear of them telling her what happens in the season finale of Chuck. On the other hand, she loves the weather and she's hoping to go see the famous opera house some time this summer.

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P.S. - I just realized Monday's assignment is a beaver... whoops?

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