Monday, June 27, 2011

Days 25 through 27: Croc, Tortoise, Flying Squirrel

Sorry for getting behind here, but none of you read blogs on the weekend do you? I totally stole the three-animals-in-one idea from Eef, another participant in the animal-a-day challenge. She's a good draw-ist, so I figured it doesn't count as cheating.

This is Clint, Jennifer and William. Clint is a crocodile, and don't think he's not aware of the alliteration; he is, and he hates it. His best friend is Jennifer the tortoise, and she knows that he loves flowers, so she's bringing him this orange daisy in a pot for his greenhouse. Unfortunately, William thinks that Clint is about to eat Jennifer, because he doesn't know either of them, so he's about to dive bomb Clint and try to scratch his eyes out. Luckily he will probably fail because he thinks he's tough, but he's really not. William gets himself into problems like this all the time trying to protect the ladies, but he has still never had a girlfriend, even though he is already two years old. Jennifer likes the white knight type, though, and she and Clint are really just friends, so it might just work on her.

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