Sunday, June 5, 2011

Is mohair made of llama?

I know, it's the kind of thing I could totally Google, but I guess I just don't care enough. Minions! To the Internet!

Anyway, here is my Llama for Saturday:

Her name is Emelda Burkis, and she has just been shorn for summer, her wool made into sweaters, possibly of mohair, possibly not. Either way, it is still a little cool in the mornings in Montreal, where she lives, so she bought one of her own sweaters. Orange and green are her favorite colors. Her friend Nathaniel is sitting on her back. He is a bluebird, but he thinks he's a llama too, and he's wondering how long it will be until they come back to steal his wool.

For Sunday, June 5th, the assignment was "orangutan." Man, do I suck at orangutans. Monkeys are one thing... you can give them big pitcher ears and fat lips and maybe even a tuxedo, and you're done. Everyone knows it's a monkey, they're not stupid. An orangutan, on the other hand, doesn't seem to have any ears, if Google image search is to be trusted. The babies look just like our babies, if our babies were slightly deformed by some kind of post-apocalyptic fallout. I kind of wanted to draw one of them, but kept failing, and then I wanted to draw a fat old one squatting down, but it kept looking more like a person in a gorilla suit than anything else. Anyway, this young lady finally showed her face:

Her name is Crissi, and she is a cheerleader for the Warren County College Bears, which is a community college she attends, where she majors in fashion design and actually started the cheerleading squad because before her their Division III wrestling team had no one at all to jump up and down on the sidelines saying things that rhyme. She writes a lot of the cheers too, but she is shy, and self-conscious about her enormous guns, so she has never expanded the cheerleading beyond wrestling, where her boyfriend Brent is the captain.

Don't forget to check out the one and only original Paper Sparrow for the genesis of this whole idea, as well as Flickr for the contributions of many more talented artists than me (like that's hard).


  1. i'm transported by these stories. they inspire and intrigue.
    also love the 30 rock quote above . . . "wouldn't that be great?"

  2. Thanks! And isn't 30 Rock great??